Monday, June 2, 2014

Warming through the week. Now, that is nice.

Holy cow, it feels chilly in the morning.  We always seems to have at least a few windows cracked during the non rainy season.  It is just nice to get that flow of fresh air through the home.  Hell, how lucky are we to live in a climate where that is even possible?  But the past few mornings have been chilly ones.  My son is all wrapped up in a blanket, and I am scanning the room for where I last through down my hoodie.  Partly, that is due to the fog.  We are also experiencing a cooler air mass.  Overnight lows have been chilly for a blanketed sky.  And the days are barely warming up to the 70s.  Today may not even get out of the 60s.  It is much warmer just up the hill.  Felton was a good ten degrees warmer yesterday.  We splashed around in the river.  And wore shorts.  Sure it was 5PM when I pulled back into town, but I immediately put on long pants and my hoodie.  No where the hell is that thing?

Are you missing the winter weather yet?  Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz.

Anyway, things could warm up a bit.  The marine layer is looking tricky to predict this week, as the resident high is shifting around a bit.  Something that is easier to predict is the return of a warmer air mass driving both overnight lows and afternoon high up.  80s by the weekend is not absurd, if we could keep that marine layer at bay.  But I don't really see that happening much.  It is June.  There is kind of a slack wind thing going on out there today, with a slight west flow on the ocean waters well off shore.  This is helping keep us cool.  High pressure, and northwest winds are back for tomorrow and Wednesday.  That means a marine layer that will burn off earlier and windy afternoons.  But we might get back into the slack wind or even eddy (or south) wind for later in the week.  The good news is warmer air will pump into the region pulling us slowly back up through the 70s.  So even though we might have fog lingering late through the day this coming weekend, the air will be warm, and when the sun does finally pop out, it will quickly warm, and we won't have a whole lot of wind to deal with.  Could be kind of nice.  And if the grey is getting to you, just seek higher ground.

Oh, I almost forgot.  The mid range forecast has rain for the PNW and the long range light rain down to the SF Bay area.  This is for about 12 days out.  Not having a whole lot of confidence in this, but something to monitor.  A June shower would be pretty nice.

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