Monday, June 9, 2014

Marching straight into summer.

June is a month of transition.  It culminates the spring and begins the summer.  In stories, and in the place of my childhood, it is the shift from cool, crisp, wet to warm, humid and green.  Suddenly flowers appear, and fruit sets.  The promise:  Soon it will be hot.  For here, that means a whole lot of grey.  But the flowers have also been out all winter.  So there is that.  And this grey helps us, especially when water is lacking.  Look at the redwoods.  Watch the fog collect on surfaces and drip.  It is good for us.  And if you need a bit more sun in your life, just head on up to SLV.  Plenty to do up there for the day.  Or go over the hill.  Or to Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada.  Plenty of sunshine nearby.  And we have our afternoons.  But now for the week ahead.  Basically grey mornings and sunny afternoons.  Except for the immediate coastline which will keep packs of greyshine.

Emergency Vehicles.  Thank you for practicing.  4 Mile Beach.

So, yeah, that heat wave is wrapping up today.  That was rough.  Still pretty hot over the hill today before cooler air fills back in.  South flow running right now, so that fog lingers.  Water is still chilly, but warm pockets of water have been moving north.  Small, weak wind swell is in the water.  There is supposed to be some building south swell, but that will be pretty small.  Still pretty glassy out there with mostly light winds.  A storm will try to get into the PNW behind the high pressure to our north on Wednesday.  This could shift our wind flow into a neutral and then northerly direction.  The marine layer could become more entrenched, then blow out late Thursday.  Temperatures remain cooler.  Today, Monday, we will still see some low 70s, but the rest of the week has us in the upper 60s to just about 70F.  South flow could return for the weekend.  Regardless, it feels certain we will have variations on the grey morning scene for some time to come.  Yay!  Summertime!

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