Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ma Nature keeps the air conditioner on.

Thing is, we don't really need it.  But the fog will keep the impending heat wave from warming us up into the hot range.  While the interior will bake in 100 plus fahrenheit temps, and just of the hill in the valley it will be popping into the 90's, we will barely edge into the 80s down here.  And it will be even cooler coast side.  Thanks to the fog.  Weak north west flow is the name of the game, keeping that grey on the coastal plain until well after noon.  Friday will be like today.  Mid 70s.  About 80F for a high both weekend days.  Then back into the 70s.  Overnight lows remain in the low 50s.  So pretty good planting and seedling weather.  Not great for mature plants wanting to bare fruit.  I've been pruning off my tomato flowers until I see a change in pattern.  I want them to put all their effort into growing big and strong.  Or at least wait until July.

Cans.  So much cooler than bottles.  

Speaking of gardens, with the drought and use restrictions, it is a good time to think about how you water your plants.  Drip irrigation is great, and once set up, minimal attention is required.  You don't need as much water during these foggy periods, because the plants pick up a lot of dew, and they lose less through transpiration.  You can adjust your program if it is automated, or sometimes, simply run it every other day.  If you are watering by hand, a can is usually best.  You really only want to water directly around the base of a plant.  This keeps excess water off the leaves, which can lead to disease or burning, and directs the water to the roots.  It also helps avoid geminating weed seeds that could be near by.  You can water by hose, and one of those shower extender things makes it easier.  Try to water early in the evening just before dark.  Or after dark if you have a head lamp.  With less wind, and sun, it gives the water a chance to better penetrate the soil and get to the roots.  Any water left on the surface will likely evaporate in the next day's sun.  The big secret is, it is totally worth it.  Produce takes a lot of water.  So does a shower.  But fresh from the garden cucumbers and tomato salad?  So worth it.

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