Friday, June 27, 2014

54/76. Great tomato weather for most. Heat wave coming.

A few clarifications.  First:  Awesome tomato growing weather, as long as you are not under that morning fog that has been lingering on the water's edge the past few days.  If you are looking up and seeing grey until 10AM, you are kind of missing out on four hours of warmth and sunshine.  That has been the weather lately.  Still mornings with some marine layer right along the coast, pulling out mid day with strong sea breezes.  And that is what we will continue to have through the weekend.  Get your self out of the breeze, and if feels pretty damn nice.  I'd say upper 70s, maybe even 80F in spots.  And Second: The heat wave will not really be a wave.  More like one day.  For the interior.  We won't even get that much warmer.  But there will be a difference.

Finishing off strong at 4 Mile Beach.

High pressure will try to push onshore, easing the pressure gradient over the local waters.  Winds might even go off shore in the morning hours.  Expect some afternoon sea breeze, but nothing like the gales we have been seeing.  And bonus is a late season mid period north westerly swell should be filling in to combo with a small south.  Fun peaky surf ensures.  Hopefully.  While we won't see the upper 90s the interior will experience, I'd expect we move into the low 80s for Monday or Tuesday.  The inland low is going to try to push back early next week, so don't expect an extended period of warmer weather and lighter winds.  More summer to come.

If you do live in the valley, Monday would be a fine day to escape to the coast.  With light winds and sunshine, that is a good combo for the central coast.  Or just go out and explore any way.  We just returned from two days at Plaskett Creek in Big Sur, and we had very little marine layer.  Plenty of sun, and no too strong of a wind on the beach.  Go coves.  It is summer and this place is awesome.  Go explore.

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