Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More June Gloom, but there is good news as well...

Another grey morning today.  While yesterday seemed like low clouds, today feels more like summer fog.  I can't clearly see more than a few blocks away in the early morning din.  Things will likely pull out a bit later today, just like on Tuesday.  So, my best guess is clearing around noon.  Not much chance of strong north west winds developing.  In fact, we are in a bit of a SW flow.  The good news is this weather condition tends to warm up the ocean water by pushing surface water north from the south.   So there is that.  And even though when the north wests kick back up and the upwelling returns cold water back to the surface, the east side of town will keep some of that warmer water from this week in place.

Wondering if I should get on the Kusala one more time this season.

But the weather.  It is going to get foggier before it gets sunnier.  The SW eddy flow should continue as the pressure gradient is well north of here.  Thursday and Friday currently look like they will see little sunshine.  The good news is warmer air is moving into place, and we should be moving up through the 70s over the next few days.  Mornings will still be quite chilly.  Damn that grey.  And honestly, with the fog lingering through the day, it will be a cooler kind of mid 70s.  We don't push that grey away for the weekend, but there is the suggestion of maybe some earlier clearing as the air mass continues to warm.  Oddly, we will be in the 80s both days, with maybe even mid 80s for Sunday.  It looks like we may see stronger north west breezes by Tuesday or so next week.  But even the mid term forecast looks like we will be dealing with fog for some time to come.  So yeah, try not to get much water on the leaves of your plants.  Fight the fungus.

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