Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunny. Even a chance of calm and sunny. And warm.

I saw the south flow changing to a north flow, and all along, I thought it was a very temporary thing.  Instead, it has taken hold.  Brisk north winds have been blowing for days now, and speeds above 25 knots have ben recorded the past few afternoons.  Today felt quite breezy.  That should lessen tomorrow.  The nice thing about that north wind is it does not allow the fog to linger much.  Mornings have been pleasant, as it takes a while for the wind to work its way into town.  The west side is breezier of course.  More warming the next few days.  Mid 70s.  We could be seeing fairly light winds through the middle of the week.  Still expect an afternoon on shore northerly flow, but it will be much lighter than it has been.  Could allow things to really warm up Wednesday and Thursday.  In fact, it looks pretty damn nice in the near term.  Mostly sunny, with maybe a patch or two of morning fog, with over night lows in the mid 50s and the daily highs in the mid 70s.

Sunshine is always welcome.  

Nice weather for surfing, with light variable morning winds and low tide.  There are even some forecasts of eddy flow developing.  That does not seem likely this evening.  Unfortunately there is very little swell in the water right now.  I found some very small waves for the long board today, but that was a stretch.  I've been told the biking is in excellent shape near Wilder.  If you stay out of that wind, it should be nice.  It is a also a good time to be working the garden, and planting vegetables.  They love this weather if your plot has some decent wind protection.  Long days of sunshine, but not too hot.  As far as summer time goes, it is pretty damn nice out right now.  We could be still lingering in that grey.

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