Thursday, September 29, 2016

Welcome to Autumn

Fires.  Surf.  Heat.  And now maybe some rain.  This is autumn here on the Central Coast.  I'm back folks.  The turn is here and the weather and surf are going into their interesting phases.  We had some heat this past weekend and the Loma Prieta Fire was sparked in the midst of it on Monday.  We have nearly 1,800 fire fighters and 170 engines up there.  Containment is at 22% this morning, with 3,849 acres burned.  Those fires move fast.  Cooler weather that moved in yesterday is helpful.  As is the marine layer.  Although, brisk afternoon northwest winds sure don't help.

This cooler, foggier summer like weather will persist through Saturday.  Actually, it is a bit warm for summer, with highs in the low 70s.  Fog in the mornings.  Brisk winds on Friday afternoon.  Now, what is making this week interesting is the low pressure system sitting to our north and west.  Nothing big, or too strong, but it is wet.  Over the next few days it is forecast to shift east into the PNW, and spread south over the weekend, brining us a chance of rain as early as Sunday.  And snow for the Sierra.  Cooler weather arrives on Sunday, and southwest winds as well.  As the core shifts south, we could see light rain showers develop during the day Sunday.  Timing still TBD.  We could be waiting until Monday.  Or see no rain at all.  It is October after all.  Still a little bit early to be counting our inches.  Total rainfall likely to be much less than a half inch.  More to come.

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