Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gradient gone; Fog moves in with light south flow.

No, not the super serious stuff, but a little more gloom than today even.  South flow is setting into place lasting through about the work week.  You can see the fog bank moving back into town already.  It should stick around for the week, with some patchy afternoon clearing.  But this stuff likes to linger.  Good news for those who like to surf north or south of town.  Steep, but decent south swell fades with minimal help from north west wind swell.  Still, the glass is out there.  Not going to get too warm either, with the daily highs sticking to the upper 60s.  Watch your gardens for signs of encroaching molds.  If you find it, pluck it, and throw it in a bag.  Once that stuff gets a footing, it is all over.  Maybe a change and some warming by Friday and likely for the weekend.  But nothing stellar.  Morning fog still, and with the clearing will come stiff breezes.  But at least it will move into the mid 70s.

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