Friday, May 20, 2016


It felt like an autumn morning out there early.  I was actually shocked when I felt warm around noon.  In the yard this afternoon, it felt cool again.  Across the bay, clouds pile up like cotton on the headlands.  Crisp and clear here in Santa Cruz.  Still looks like mostly a chance for drizzle here in town.  Just maybe a little very light rain for the hilly zones.  Along the coast will likely be damp in the morning.  Reports from the Sierra is that this system is already over delivering.  So that would mean a few inches.  I-80 is closed eastbound for what that is worth.  Lassen might get a foot plus.  Every last inch of snow counts, although it is all well north of where it is most needed. The drought condition has improved slightly since I lasted posted with 42% of the state still in D3-D4 conditions.  Not cool, but better than a few weeks ago.  These small rain systems are doing their part.

March was a good month.

Cool tomorrow, in the low 60s.  Cloudy, with a chance for showers, increased through mid day.  Things look to be dry on Sunday, and warmer up a bit for next week.  And a return to that foggy morning, breezy sunny afternoon thing.

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