Sunday, May 1, 2016

Turning cool and cloudy.

It as if winter does not want to quite quit on us this year.  We are not feeling much of it down here in Santa Cruz, but the Sierra is looking a bit more like March than May, as moisture continues to stream in.  Only a few inches of snow at any one time, but perhaps over an inch of liquid through the coming week.  Today, Sunday, in Santa Cruz is lovely.  It will not be as warm as Saturday, which topped 80F in the parking lots I spent a good part of my day in running errands.  Perhaps it would have been more pleasant at the beach.  Today should top out at about 70F.

The Cirque at Kirkwood looking full.  March 30, 2016.

Overnight, the first in a series of waves pushes through, driving in cooler and moister air.  Monday will start out with a good dose of marine layer, clearing to mostly sun.  Highs linger in the low to mid 60s.  They will stay there through the work week, getting even cooler by Friday.  Back to the start of the week, more clouds fill in Monday night.  It will be hard to distinguish marine layer from clouds on Tuesday morning.  As that marine layer peels out, we will be left with a good amount of cloudiness.  Wednesday looks similiar.  By Thursday, we begin to see a chance for showers here in Santa Cruz, which threaten through the weekend.

Been busy at the household as of recent.  I will try to post up again this week, as more details come into focus.  But will lots of party prep going on this week, I may not get another chance to type this week.  On another note, all these spring showers have been very good for our drought.  Nearly 5% of the state is back to normal, with another 5% just Abnormally Dry, and the portion of the state in Exceptional Drought (the highest degree) has dropped below 22%.  We still have about 50% of the state in the highest two degree of drought currently, so we are far from clear.  Regardless, we continue to move in the right direction.

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