Friday, April 22, 2016

It is raining.

One of my readers called me this morning to complain the blog has not been updated in a few days, thus making it harder to determine what day to chase the snow this weekend.  Thought I was back on track, then my motor cracked a hole in itself.  Dealt with that and moving on.  It is raining.  Actually, there is a break right now, but it was dumping an hour or so again.  Looking at the radar, there is more likely to come later today and into the evening.  It should clear to clouds only after midnight.  Next few days look cooler, in the mid to upper 60s.  By mid day Saturday it will be mostly sunny.  A marine layer looks to creep back in early Sunday morning.

The next storm effects the Sierra and NorCal on Monday.  We should remain in the 60s, but be fairly sunny.  Imagine more of the variable spring weather we have been enjoying.  By the latter half of next week, we see another chance for more rainfall.  A good end to April.

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