Monday, April 4, 2016

Warm Days

Surf subsides and the weather warms.  Good chances for 80F by Wednesday.  That will be the peak, as another round of storms start to impact the west coast.  This next one is coming from south of us, as a cut off low forms off the coast, and inclement weather wraps in from the south side of the system.  These cut off lows are super hard to forecast, especially in shoulder season.  So.  Not making any promises.  But what it looks like now is that moisture will wrap into SoCal as early as Friday, then the entire system moves ashore and spreads showers north across the state over the weekend.  We are not looking at a heavy rain event, but rather a light, sporadic and wide spread event.

Snowy hills make me smile.

Right now we can begin to expect light showers in Santa Cruz starting late Friday, with greater chances and intensity on Saturday.  High temps will drop back down into the upper 60s on Thursday, and low 60s for Friday and through the weekend.  It does look like the system could clear through on Sunday, but wet, showery weather is currently in the forecast for much of next week.  Again, these are all hard to forecast cut-off spring system lows, so details are very much up in the air.  Just don't be caught off guard because it is warm this week and it feels like spring is here.  Enjoy it this week.  Plan for rainy day activities next.  The wet season has not quite finished yet.  And that is the best news I can give, as we still have not hit 100% of our water year average yet, and to get over this drought, we needed about 250%.

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