Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Okay folks.  Been a few weeks of some weather.  Been busy getting out in it.  The snow and surf have both been quite fun this spring, when I've had the chance to be out there in the elements.  In that time, we have shifted into full on spring mode.  A bit warmer than typical the past few days, and we will see an end to what my son was calling the "heat attack" since about last Friday.  Yesterday seemed particularly warm, but then again, we retreated to spend the afternoon at 4 Mile on Monday.  Always a bit cooler on the water's edge.  It was a nice afternoon for the beach.  Sunday late morning saw a bunch of people tide pooling in the exposed reefs at Waddell Beach during the low tide hours.  Anyway, we are here to talk about the forecast, not what was.

March contest atop Vista at Kirkwood.  Gorgeous warm sunny spring skiing day. 

A little less warmth today.  Still quite nice, but a good 5 to 8 degrees cooler than yesterday.  Mid to upper 70s and sunshine.  Winds look a bit mellower today, so that should keep the coast line feeling the same.  Those spring time winds have been in full effect with 20 plus knot winds blowing out of the north west on the outer waters, with 15 plus near shore in the afternoons.  Today those near shores stay below 10 knots for the most part.  Cooler air is moving in, and fog could form overnight into Thursday morning, especially over the water.  Thursday will hang out in the upper 60s, with southerly flow on the water, and fog perhaps hanging out through late morning.  Could be a chilly one after the heat attack of the last few days.  A small south swell is due to arrive this evening, so that might make for a good day of surf, keeping the strong NW at bay.  This is still spring-ish, but more summer like weather.  What comes next is perhaps a return to some winter-ish.

The passing system on Thursday, brings a return to gusty northwest winds on Friday.  Fog gets cleared out and it will stay in the mid to upper 60s.  Should be a cool, but not cold, blustery day.  A system brushes us to our north, bringing increased clouds for Saturday.  Not a full sky of grey, but for sure some passing clouds.  As the day wears on, the chance for a shower increases and then sticks around through much of the weekend.  And temps dip to a high in the low to mid 60s.  Not very spring like.  Winds will be quite strong on Saturday, but mellow a bit on Sunday.  Meanwhile, Tahoe is likely going to receive some fresh snow.  Sunday could be a shallow pow day, and Monday a transition day and Tuesday some prime corn.  Winter and Spring return.  

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