Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Build your ark.

I am not going to say that it won't rain tonight, but it does not look very likely.  Maybe a sprinkle, as an advance band moves in.  We should also be in the clear for the first half of the day tomorrow, but when this thing fills in, it is going to be fierce.  We should expect a pretty rainy night on Wednesday and into the morning.  Maybe a bout a 1/4 inch of so, with greater amounts along the northern California coast and Cascades.  Afternoon, the low pressure system pulls back to our north.  Rain could continue north of SF.  Sometime on Frida, rain will again begin to push south.  Looks like light showers in the morning hours, but by afternoon, things should begin to pick up a bit.  

Not a lot of agreement in the models, but in general, we are looking at low 60s over the next few days.  Some suggestion of a cooler day on Sunday, but again, models are not in agreement.  Once the rain moves in on Friday, other than short, periodic breaks, it should continue through the weekend.  GFS is showing a very wet Sunday, but I am going with the opposition view and still feel like Saturday is the wetter day.  But really, who cares, it will be raining both days.  A lot.  All said and done, we could be looking at about 4.5 inches of rain in Santa Cruz.  Up to 6 in Marin, and Humboldt could be reaching toward a foot of rain.  Needless to say that flooding will be an issue.  Stay away from moving creeks, do not drive into moving water, clean your street drains, so on and so forth.  And with the snow level rising up about 8000 feet on Saturday, expect a lot of water in the rivers along the West Slope.  

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