Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holy Smoke, but clear for a bit, then a real storm ushers in the holiday.

Holy (cold) Smoke is right.  Kirkwood, and the rest of Tahoe, got some snow.  Several feet of super low density snow has settled into several feet of base.  Add that to the October numbers, and resorts have pushed up their opening dates, with several opening tomorrow!  If you have been wondering if it is worth trying to ski on Thanksgiving, wonder no more.  Check out Powder Happy later this evening, for pics and story 3 days that would be in the top 5 from last season.  Oh, man,it was good.  But you didn't come here to hear about that.  What is the weather going to be like this week you wonder?

Almost there.  Kirkwood Mountain Resort, California.  

Continued clear and crisp.  Cool temperatures continue, but they do moderate a bit, with may some parts of town hitting 70F by Thursday.  With some luck.  Still, it is beautiful out, and it is sunny.  That is going to last for the next several days, but by Friday, a closed low will be off our coast, and spinning moisture inland.  As with any closed system, things are hard to predict, but showery weather looks likely for the central coast, with possible heavier rain in the southern part of the state.  Highs drop to just about 60F.  Saturday, it looks like we get a reprieve, but what is actually pushing Friday's storm inland, is the real winter storm that it behind it.  This thing is quite a bit warmer than the last one, and way wetter, pulling in a far amount of sub tropical moisture.  This could be our first real winter storm of the season.  Sure, I know the weather Channel has already named two (this one from this past weekend was called Brutus.), but this one coming up is for reals.

Sunday will be wet, with moderate to heavy rain throughout the day and across the region.  And then things just start coming in rounds.  As these bands swing in, we will have some breaks, but expect rain through the day on Tuesday, with clearing on Wednesday.  From there, it currently looks like we will be clear, while moisture streams in just to our north.  Details to follow as we get closer, but the jist of it is clear until Friday, which should be showery.  Maybe no rain on Saturday, but plenty of rain Sunday through Tuesday.  Clearing after that.  Yup.  That's it.

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