Friday, December 21, 2012

Continued Cold. Not So Continued Dry.

This could be the last fair morning in the next week.  Cold air prevails reminding us that it is winter out.  Magical sunrise this morning for sure with clouds starting to fill in around the Monterey Bay.  Red, gold, pink, blue and a touch of white color the sky.  The bay is cobalt.  Awesomeness.  But all that is about to change as a strong, persistent and wet storm moves into our region during the day today.  Rain, and cold for the weekend is the company line.

So, it will actually be a little warmer than it has been the past few days.  The clear sky has allowed any warmth generated by the sun to escape to the atmosphere.  With the rain comes clouds, and a little Mother Nature blanket.  But it won't be too warm.  Mid 50s through the rainy period.  Next break looks to be Christmas Day.  We could see over 5 feet of new snow by then in the Sierra.  So, goes without saying, that the resorts should be in really good shape for the holiday stretch.  This system will be getting more snow down to the lower elevations, so things should be well covered even below 7500 feet.  Git sum.

Evening session at Cowells Beach, Santa Cruz.

More rain looks likely to fill in by Tuesday and the following week.  Looks like we are in for a wet stretch.  Luckily, my French Drain is now 99.72% complete.  On another note, a large swell should begin hitting our coast late this morning.  Long period and looking like the biggest of the season yet.  Local winds will keep the surf pretty choppy and crappy, but if you like the view the amazing power of the Pacific, dress warm, and stand well back from the edge.  Too bad about the winds, 'cause this is a Mav's swell.  Oh well.

So, in short, today is not the end of the world, but the weather will be apocalyptic like.  Cold, rain, wind and an angry ocean.  Next post coming soon.  It was a rough week, and I decided to go ski instead of post.  Check out more pics at

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