Monday, December 31, 2012

If models hold, high and dry for some time.

Chilly, right?  Balked on a chance to go full moon skiing last night.  I contribute a lot of things to that, but perhaps it was just because it was so cold.  Anyway, the chill continues regardless where you are in Central Cal.  The bright out look is that the models have progressed toward a drier solution for the coming week.  We are seeing a fairly decent sized high pressure filling in, and doing its part to split storms before they reach the coast.  It will stay cold, but by mid week, we will see some warmer.  Not much though.  The difference between 52F today and 58F on Friday.  There is a suggestion that by the 12th or so of January that a storm pattern could develop.  Too far out to say, and it could be more of a single hit as opposed to the fire house we received in December.  The New Year looks to start off on a fair weather set up.  We could, with luck see some warming over the next two weeks.  Nothing like 70, but we could find ourselves back to the mid 60s.

Birds at the Neary Lagoon are fun to watch.  This guy followed us down the boardwalk. 

When I left Santa Cruz yesterday morning, the surf was pretty much pumping.  Swell looks real fun over the next few day with an easterly wind.  Watch your tides, winds and swell, and you can be sure to score out there right now.  Snow is not too shabby either.  I fit in three lift runs yesterday afternoon.  Variable pack powder off the lift, with areas of wind buff and, and some shin deep semi-tracked a quick hike away.  The snowpack is easing a bit and picking up stability.  The backcountry is skiing really nicely.  It is still dangerous out there and the PWL, while buried deep, can still break.  Anyway, plenty of fun to be had.  Hope 2012 goes out well for ya, have fun next year.

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