Thursday, June 4, 2015


(oops, forgot to hit post the other day...) I had a friend point out that I lose interest in posting when the winter ends.  I pointed out that the weather get boring.  But maybe, I am just taking a rest.  It would be easy to say that not much has happened in the last ten plus days, but that would be insincere.  I mean, it kind of looked the same each day, with morning fog, and afternoon sun.  For the most part.  Yet, each day was different, and we saw storms move through to our north, and periods of south flow, and building high pressure with its north westerlies, and warming and cooling and warming.  But, yeah, it felt pretty similiar each day if you are not on the water, or interested in weather patterns.  And the next week and beyond looks basically the same.  It is what it is.  Summer in Santa Cruz.  To be honest, it does not feel much like spring anymore, other than the coolness.  A few weeks back we had some day of real strong northwest winds.  Typical of spring.  But since then we have had lighter wind conditions, and periods of slack to south flow.  More typical of summer.  Anyway.

Central Coast tide pool.

It would be easy to say more of the same for the coming future.  But there are some interesting features.  Low pressure to our north will push east today, ushering in a cooling trend.  Mid 70s today become upper 60s tomorrow.  It will also be followed by a high pressure getting its toe in place, which can only mean an increase of northwest winds in the afternoon, after the fog burns off.  Rain well to our north will give the fog a better chance of bringing a drizzle.  Marine layer returns Tuesday overnight.  Lows in the mid 50s all week.  Wednesday is another day with northwest winds, and highs back down in the mid 60s.  By Thursday, we will begin to see the pressure gradient move north, returning us to a slack or south flow by Friday.  Hard to say what will happen on Thursday wind wise.  Could go either way at this point.  Anyway, the interesting thing if for next weekend.

Hurricane Andres off of Mainland Mexico.  Dude is kicking up some swell, which is currently hitting SoCal.  We might see a bit of this, but it is pretty steep south.  The storm is starting to fall apart, but is still packing a bunch of moisture.  Moisture which is being pulled up through Baja and SoCal as early as Saturday, and could bring us some rain along the south face of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  One projection is over a half inch in areas.  These moisture waves typically contain unusually warm air, which is good for producing thunderstorms.  These type of systems are rare for us here.  My son tells me that we don't have thunderstorms in Santa Cruz.  Only in Maine and New York.  I usually correct him and explain that we rarely have thunderstorms.  Might be able to prove myself correct on Sunday.  We are still a week away from this happening, and everything needs to play out right.  Hoping we get to see some lightning.  That would be cool.  More later, as things just got interesting.

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