Thursday, June 4, 2015


The last few days were not.  In fact, I saw the sunrise two days in a row.  Yesterday actually started out pretty nicely, with warmth and sun.  High fog and clouds seemed to move in mid day.  I tried to play 'backwards day' with my son, but he was most definitely not game.  Northwest breezes continue overnight and through the morning, but it does look like a southerly eddy flow is developing for Friday.  Expect a continuation of the cooler, foggy weather through the start of the weekend.  By Sunday we could see the start of some warming, getting us back into the low 70s early next week.  The good news is the winds look to lighten for Monday and Tuesday, and possibly beyond.  With a slack flow, we could avoid having fog through too much of the day, and allow for some warming.  Let the dog days of summer commence.  School is out after this week.

As for those thunderstorms I mentioned the other day.  Not gonna happen.  They stay placed in the Sierra, where one would expect them, over this weekend.  Bummer.

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