Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Not so normal after all.

But, really, what is normal when it comes to weather.  Although, it could be said that we do live in a region that is fairly easy to predict given any season.  So many variables will effect what actually happens though.  And when at first one does not succeed, try try again.  Or something like that.  Remnants from Hurricane Blanca did what the first failed to do.  I even heard a little thunder around 8PM last night.  Not much rainfall to measure, but some did fall.  And it sure smelled awesome this morning.  That fresh, after the rain kind of smell that I recall from my youth, and visits, to the north east.

A Monarch in the Sour Grass.  

Not really much to report or forecast.  Ultimately we have some variation of clouds or fogs in the morning, with some chances of light rain or drizzle, with some clearing mid day, and a light onshore afternoon flow.  Today and Thursday it will be westerlies to north westerlies.  The more north it gets, the more sun we get.  Friday and Saturday the breezes shifts more south westerly, which will typically keep fog around a bit longer.  The semi warmth we felt the last few days will settle cooler through the week.  Moving toward 55/65 with fog and sun.  Summer.

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