Friday, January 11, 2019

Six Tenths In.

As of 9PM, we have seen .6" of rain fall on the west side.  Bonny Doon is reporting almost an inch.  This storm is just off our coast and moving toward the south, but bands of rain are sweeping northerly along the coast.  It looks like it is moving slowly, so we could see some decent rain tonight.  The models suggest only about another quarter inch tonight, but there are pockets to our north and south that are expecting twice that.  It has to do with the mountains.  But the angle of the bands coming in suggest to me we could see some of those higher amounts.  All depends how much east we see in the wind.  Regardless, most of the rain falls before sunrise Saturday with this storm.

It now looks like things could taper off Saturday, with the Sunday storm staying just far enough off shore to keep us out of the rain on Sunday. Could.  Yesterday everything was moving faster.  It could be again tomorrow.  But we have a chance of rain holding off until Sunday night.  We could even see some sun this weekend.  Basically showers abate mid to late morning on Saturday, the clouds break up a bit and the sunset will be prime.  BTW, anyone see that sunrise Friday morning? If the Sunday system hold off, we might see sun again Sunday morning, and clouds filling in through the day.

I'll detail next work week later, but we see another storm move down the coast Monday, and slowly shift inland, to our south on Tuesday.  This brings heavy rain to our region and heavy snow to the Sierra.  Wednesday another storm moves right iron the heels of the previous system, with more reinforcements for Thursday.  It is going to be wet folk.  This will be the week to work from home if you can.  Looks like the worst days will be Tuesday-Thursday.  We could get a break next Friday, but a final storm looks like it want to break through on Saturday (19th).  After that, it finally looks like a solid winter high pressure will set in. The sun shall shine for MLK Day.

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