Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Did you hear thunder this morning?  Nope, your not crazy.  Inland folk may have seen a little lightening as well.  It down poured this morning in Santa Cruz.  For about 20 seconds.  Weird stuff.  My apologies for not warning any of the readers.  I saw something a few days ago about slight chances of the remnants of hurricane such-and-such could run ashore around Point Conception.  Well, I paid it little head, as I was headed away for the holiday and thought, sure, that might happen.  It did not.  Rather it moved ashore well north of the point, and that is what gave us the energy to have thunderstorms today.  Pretty cool stuff.  Good chance for this moisture to add energy to the usual mountain summer afternoon thundershowers.  For us down along the coast, just some pretty clouds will be left for us to enjoy.  The rain storm is over.

Cape Pond Ice in Gloucester Harbor, Massachusetts.  Carving ice from the pond and shipping fish since 1848.

Otherwise, things are kind of boring around here.  Low of 53.  High of 71.  Fog clears late morning.  All week.   That about sums it up.  No real difference to note upon.  If you surf, there is small swell on the way to replace what has faded from this past weekend.  Friday sees a small short period northwest, and early Sunday we get a small, almost long period swell coming at us from the Gulf of Alaska.  This is a sign of the turn.  The low pressures inching into the gulf have grown stronger over the past few weeks.  Another fetch is forecast to set up in that region over the weekend, driving rain down to the US border by the start of next week.  While the high pressure makes a bit of a rebound after that, we continue to see storms moving through the long term models.  Some of the fantasy runs suggest decent waves and calm fall conditions by mid month.  A fantasy.

For now, summer continues.  Windy in the afternoons.  More so than over the past few days.  That sun is still warm, and the fog is still wet.  Enjoy.

Edit:  We just had a 5 minute thunder shower here.  Clouds look dynamic.  Maybe more this afternoon.

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