Thursday, September 6, 2012

Coming just in time for gourd season.

Yup, you heard it here.  Fall is on the way.  Yeah, sure, at first we will just get bits and tastes of it.  But its coming.  First, though, we need to endure another weekend of summer.  In fact tomorrow, Friday, parts of the Santa Cruz coast may never see the sun.  There is a chance that the fog will hang in there all day.  Better chance for sun on Saturday.  Once the fog clears on Monday, we may not see it for a few days.  And we may see the off shore breezes of autumn develop.

Another fishing vessel in Gloucester Harbor.  

So, tomorrow, Friday, stays pretty cool with a well developed marine layer.  High temperature will fight to reach 70.  Southerly flow aloft is what keeps the moist blanket on.  As that dies out, we see a bit more warming on Saturday, before a cooler air mass fills in.  Not much cooler, but a bit cooler.  Good news is that with more sunshine each day, high temps hang in there at about 70F.  Tuesday and Wednesday mornings could be real nice.  If you like sunrise, here will be your chance to score some.  Might just need to get the stroller packed up the night before to get out on it early.

In other weather news, a north west ground swell will hit over the weekend, arriving late on Saturday.  Of course, it will hit earlier north of the city.  This thing is not super large, or super long period, but there will be some fun waves with head high conditions on the north west exposed coast.  This includes Ocean Beach, and the coast south to Santa Cruz.  Be careful if you are headed out to the coast this weekend, and remember, always keep an eye on the ocean.  If you are planning to get some surf in, hit it early as we still have onshore conditions.  We need to wait until Tuesday for the chance of the off shore breeze to develop.  Signs of fall, none the less.  Soon we will need to start talking about wrapping in up and preparing for rain.  Still another month plus for that.

Foggy Friday.  Better weekend.  Awesome middle of next week.

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