Sunday, September 9, 2012

That weekend was pretty epic.

Micro climates are funny.  It was darned cold up in the city on Saturday while we were enjoying bright, hot, late summer sun.  Not really a fall pattern on us yet, but the lack of fog sure warmed things up.  Now, if we could only turn off that wind machine.  Later this coming week, we could see lighter winds, but only because a little fog is going to settle back in.  Hard to say exactly, as little shifts in the guiding high pressures can switch things pretty quickly this time of year.

While the surf has been flat at Mitchel's Cove, the kayaking has been superb on the morning glass.  West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz.

Some fog and clouds may for tonight, but Monday should start off pretty clear here in Santa Cruz.  Another fine day will be on tap with temperatures pushing into the high 70s.  That cooler air mass won;t be on top of us until Tuesday, so lack of much fog and warm air gives to hot days.  West Cliff was baking today, as was Main Beach and the Boardwalk.  Summer fun is still going on strong around here.  By Tuesday, we see an eddy flow filling in, giving us light south breezes, and the chance of a marine layer pushing up and into town.  Highs start to top out around 70F through at least Thursday.  GFS is suggesting fog getting the boot for next weekend, and the result would be warming.  NWS is not seeing this solution yet.  Check back here for updates this week.

Mountain Biking has been pretty killer recently.  Get on out to Wilder and around UC for some great trail conditions.  Try the new single track reroute along Englesman's in Wilder.  It is a perfect climb, and a decent descent.  You will not be disappointed.  Looks like biking will be your best bet this week, as the swell we saw over the weekend dies out on Monday.  Not much more than wind swell for the rest of the week.  Maybe a little bump mid week from the NW, but don't expect much.  Not to worry, as the NPAC is waking up and we will soon get more of what we enjoyed over the weekend.

In short, still summer like weather, although we could have a few more days of clear mornings.  In general, if the day breaks clear, expect a high of 75-80.  Otherwise, plan on 70F.

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