Monday, March 11, 2013

Battle of the Bulge, or Sunshine!

If one were to look at the weather maps of the north eastern Pacific basin this morning, a distinct blob of high pressure is set up upon the western shore of the North American continent.  Pretty impressive is this bulge.  Enough so, that the storms out in the central Pacific that are trying to organize, instead, butt up against this bubble and unwind at their energy it thrown north into the Arctic.  Not a great surf maker is this pattern, but the weather is going to be gorgeous.  Stupendous even.  70F today once you get just a bit off the coast, as in the Santa Cruz mountains or over in Los Gatos.  Heights peak on or about Thursday.  I expect 75F here on my deck, around 70F on West Cliff and upwards of 80F in select locations over the hill.  Temps to hold through about Saturday and then a slow decline to end the weekend.  Next week is still up in the air.

Hiding in the shadow of the lighthouse.  Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz.

Really, it depends on that bulge.  It is still winter, and there is still plenty of energy rolling out of Siberia wanting to wind up as they cross the great ocean and unleash torrents of rain and snow upon the Sunshine State.  Let's hope they do, because we need some.  A system on Sunday will try to push south down the coast.  We could see rain develop for the first part of next week.  It could last all week.  But, we could see another sunny, albeit cooler week, just like this one.  We will need to keep an eye out, as the solutions are varied.  But don't expect more of this warmth we are going to get this week.  Enjoy your beach weather while we have it.  Hell, by Thursday, even the sea breeze looks to lighten considerably.  Through on some sunblock and get your vitamin D on.

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