Friday, March 1, 2013

Digging Deeper.

So I know last night I said we have a great weekend on tap.  And really we do.  But there is a small caveat.  And amendment to the forecast.  But, really, let us not worry about it too much.  So, the long and short of it is that we may get a rain shower on Saturday night.  Listen.  I really do not think it is likely, but each model run over the past few days suggest the storm that is expected to pass to our north, may actually did down the coast a bit before pushing inland.  Tahoe to get an inch.  So, kind of a powder day this coming Sunday.  We might see a shower in the evening.  But it will be swift.  And my money is going to go on it missing us to the north.  I mean, just look outside.  Who would want to ruin this weather.  Still expected fair weather on Sunday.

More Seagull.

Still too early to lay it down with confidence concerning next week.  Again, my money goes like this.  Rain will arrive overnight on Tuesday, arriving from the north.  Marin will get it in the evening hours, and the south bay will see it before dawn Wednesday.  Showery weather possible for Thursday and Friday.  Clear-ish weather for next weekend.  Book the chalet.  It is gonna be a return to winter in the Sierra.  More on all that stuff later.  Enjoy the next few days.  And clean up that yard work.  By mid month we could be seeing a monsoon pattern setting up.

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