Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stay In the Sun, and Out of the Breeze.

Gonna be another toasty mid winter day tomorrow.  Just stay in the warm spots.  A good example would be Neary Lagoon, where things have been quite pleasant.  Up on West Cliff Drive, it was 60F at just before noon today.  That cold ocean, and cool breeze keep it from warming to much.  Yesterday, we clocked 72F in our driveway at around 2PM.  Granted, it is a breeze protected zone and paved, as well as tucked up against the hill with good southerly exposure.  Lucky me I guess.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort, as seen from a top on of the Sisters.  Should be fun come Saturday.

Friday will be the best day, and Saturday should stay nice and warm.  A storm approaching just to our north will cool things back down to the low 60s for Sunday and the first half of next week.  Confidence high for rain starting as early as Tuesday night, but more likely into Wednesday.  We should see more rain on Thursday.  Past that, it could go ether way.  I will update at least once over the weekend, as we se a return to more wet weather.  Enjoy the next few days.  This is what it is all about.

And just as a final note tonight, keep you eye out for an arriving swell late Friday into Saturday morning.  Another very long period, sizable swell is scheduled to approach the coast.  This one will have a fairly long wait in between sets, so it would be easy to miss seeing them come and get swept off the beach or headland.  The NWS has a "sneaker wave warning" issued.  Funny name, but a good one.  Keep an eye on the Pacific, and stay clear of those waves.  Or paddle out and surf them.  It could be sizable on the open coast by Saturday morning.

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