Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Gem Days: Thursday thru Saturday.

Not that today is wretched.  In fact, it is quite nice out there.  I bet it is over 70 in the Costco parking lot right now.  In nicer parts of town, mid to upper 60s for today and tomorrow.  By late this work week most areas of town will be reaching up into the 70s.  Find the more sun exposed, wind protected zones for a good warm up.  As you get down and along the coast, it will cool off.  Still mid 60s on the beach to close out February is not half bad.  The fine fine weather will extend through Saturday.  As a storm again tries to approach (well) to our north, a bit of cooling will occur.  Essentially, though, it will be warm through the beginning of next week, with a bit of cooling each day.  Back down to 60F by mid next week.  And a chance of of storm, as well.

Mid winter view along West Cliff Drive.  

Nothing is certain, by any means, at this point, but we could sure use a little precipitation.  The reservoirs around the state are looking good right now, but they will be expecting some snow pack melt come spring and summer.  Right now the Sierra snowpack is looking a bit thin.  More rain, means more snow.  We need a good March to get back on track.  But then again, March typically is a good wet month.  But, then again, it has not been a typical year.  Cold, and wet from mid October to the New Year.  Cold and dry, then warm and dry, then just basically dry for nearly two months.  So, time will tell.  Still, keep in mind that by the later half of the next work week, we could be seeing a period of storms.  And it is silly right now to talk about much beyond that.  Just don't right off winter wet.

Big swell arrives today.  Buoys are running in the 12 feet at 19 seconds range.  West Cliff is getting some.  Winds are pretty light.  You should go get some.  Or head up the coast to watch the big ones at Mavs this afternoon.  Swell should stick around for the next few days, with light offshores in the mornings.  A decent week for sure.  Afternoon winds will be moderate from the NW.  But, that is just the surf.  The weather is what is really going off.  Bottom line:  Get out and enjoy the weather and don't miss out on Thursday through Saturday.  It is going to be stellar.

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