Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beautiful Crisp Weather. Warming To Come.

Okay, so it is a bit cold outside.  Not bitter.  Not a wicked blizzard.  Sure is better than that which New England is getting served up.  Today we will get up to just about 60 degrees here in town.  A bit of north west wind in the mix.  Sunday is going to start out pretty much just as cold as this morning, in the low 30s, but I would not be surprised if we get up into the mid 60s.  And with a light morning off shore  breeze, and the past few days of cold, it is going to be right toasty.  And it is only going to get better through the middle of next week.  May be a chance we get way up to 70F, before we start to cool back down.  Very good chances for brilliant weather on Monday, with a pretty pumping 6@17 swell (that shows up Sunday), and an easterly breeze.  Go wax up your stick, bra.

The Wall, Kirkwood, California.  Thanksgiving Day, 2011.  I need to download some recent pics from my camera.

Actually, tomorrow looks pretty fun in the water as well.  Light wind regime pretty much through mid week.  Currently looks like the warmest days will be toward the end of the week and into next weekend.  That to be true if the high pressure that is filling in right now gets a chance to settle up on us, and warm up.  MJO is on the move again, and some models have cool, shower weather moving in as early as next Saturday, the 16th.  Others hold off until the following Wednesday.  And this is all quite speculative at this point.  Will watch, as we could see the signal of the pattern change.  I said it was going to get wet.  Just a matter of time.  And a matter of how pervasive.  Right now, we see only weak, showery systems coming through our region.  Still no storm train, let alone real storms, are in the charts.

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