Sunday, February 3, 2013

Don't call it a come back.

Will winter return?  For a few days perhaps, but no long term wet period in the near term forecast.  The new week will start off a bit cooler than the stellar weekend we had on tap.  Some high clouds kept things grey in the Sierra this past Saturday, but temps were warm for sure.  Superbowl Sunday was pretty impressive and new swell filled into Santa Cruz.  Waves continue for the coming week, but wetter and cooler weather is expected by Thursday.  Monday looks like we will again see low to mid 60s along the coast paired with brilliant sunshine.  Tuesday, a bit cooler.  Wednesday, a bit cooler than that.  And by evening clouds will begin to fill in along the coast.

Butterfly season will soon come to an end.

Rain is the name of the game on Thursday.  Not heavy rain, but rain none the less.  And chilly with a high of about 55F at sea level.  Snow levels will drop down below 4000 feet.  Not a whole lot of snow, just a few inches at lake level.  About 10 inches up along the crest.  Isolated locations may receive a foot.  Rain and snow to continue through Friday.  Light, drizzle like weather for us in Santa Cruz.  And did I say chilly?  By Saturday, we should see clearing and a little bit of warming.  High 50s in town, and perhaps 60F by Sunday.  Nothing too warm though.  As of right now, the following week looks clear and mild.

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