Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sun Returns and Storms Stay North.

Or at least they might.  Yesterday's storm is gone, and today breaks bluebird in the Sierra after a good eight inches fell along the crest.  Less than expected.  And the hope of the resorts for a return to winter just does not seem to be in the cards.  The next few storms will barely brush our region, perhaps leaving us high and dry.  But don't put away that slicker just yet.  One of these systems could decide to roll up on us and throw us a punch.  And they all still try to deliver that cold air.

Vines and rock wall in the Pogonip, Santa Cruz.

Slight warming through the week, with an expected high of 60F by Friday.  The storm that will brush us to our north Friday night looks to drop the high on Saturday back into the 50s.  Sunday gets a rebound and we are looking at low 60s next week.  Over night lows continue in the 30s.  Keep an eye out tonight night for frost and freeze, especially for any of you not living directly on the coastal bench.  Any low lying areas at elevation above 500 feet are going to be susceptible to some cold over night.  As for the mid and long term, there is still some talk of a storm next week, and a return to a rainy period in mid March, but seriously, those guys are just hopeful skiers looking for anything to warm their hearts.  Not really worth thinking about.  For now, we should stay dry, but any little shifts in the track and we will be back in showersville.

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