Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Cold Rain is Gonna Fall.

The awesomeness that can be Santa Cruz in winter that we have seen over the past few days has come to an end.  Yesterday, we clocked 72F in the driveway on the west side of town.  Down along the water it was chillier, but once you got even a 100 yards inland, it was quite toasty for mid winter.  You have to love weather like that.  That will break with morning fog, and then clear skies by mid morning. But it will be cooler, struggling to reach into the mid 60s.  Monday we will be in the high 50s, and by late in the day, clouds will begin to fill in as we see a return of a wetter pattern.  And much colder.

Snow levels will drop to 2000 feet on Tuesday as our first storm in a series moves in.  This thing is not a super drencher, but we should expect pretty consistent light showers through the day and into the evening.  Highs will be in the low 50s.  Talk about a drop since yesterday.  Wednesday we should see a break in the rain, but not in the cold.  That chill will continue through at least the following weekend. Chances of showers on Thursday and Friday of this coming week.  Long term we are looking at continues chances for wet weather.  I should note, we are not seeing a train of storms lining up.  And none of the one's forecasted for the short or mid term are significantly wet or strong.  Still, it is a pattern change.  And it will get cold.  Protect your plants from frost and freeze, especially on nights where the sky is clear.  Looks like we are moving from surfing weather on into skiing weather.  Go get some.  Next weekend could be soft and squeaky.

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