Sunday, February 24, 2013

Remember that Sesame Street Song?

Sunny days.  They are here.  So that is good.  This week looks like it will see mostly fair weather and warming temperatures with another Friday looking to get up and above 70F.  But that chill in the air will take a little time to wear off.  And mornings to remain quite crisp.  Basically, we have a ridge sitting just off our coast, and up on us enough, to drive incoming storms into the PNW.  In fact, points north of here are getting pretty hammered the first half of this week.  And that is what is going to keep us on the chilly side of 70.  Expect mid 30s over night and low 60s through the first half of the week.

Seagull cruising along West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz.

By Wednesday, the ridge shifts more squarely upon us, and the storm track shifts up well into Canada.  The good news for us, is that warming will begin.  Mid to upper 60s on Thursday and hopes of 70F plus on Friday.  The weekend should be a bit cooler than Friday.  All in all, some excellent weather on tap.  It is still winter, so don't let up your guard.  The rainy season around here can extend well into May.  Right now, there is some talk of a return to wetter weather by week two of March.  All talk.  And we have been seeing a bit of that in the forecasts for some time, but the storm door has yet to materialize.  For now, a sunny, warming week ahead.

If you did not get up to the snow this past week, you should know that conditions are excellent, and are much improved since the dry period.  Wintery conditions should transition to more spring like conditions as we move through the week and into next weekend.  Coverage is good, but we could use more.  In fact, snow pack is right about average, and if we are to get a decent water year, we need that to build up some.  In the meantime, while we have good weather, take advantage of the surf, which is pumping.  This past weekend's swell will drop down to head high for Monday.  More solid long period swell arrives Tuesday, and more is behind that.  Needless to say, it is pretty fun out there, especially in town where you can get out of the wind.  Or just get up early and enjoy the offshores.  Finally, I can't tell you much about the biking right now, as I can't find anyone who is not surfing or skiing in their free time.  Go figure.  It is winter.

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