Thursday, January 31, 2013

January decides to extend office hours.

I was just talking to some folks in the park about how lovely our home is.  And winter time is one of the very best seasons.  Easy to say when basking in 70 degree sunshine with just a wisp of wind.  The weather today is perfect.  How lucky are we.  This is pretty normal winter weather for us.  When things dry out, and the cold get moved east, things get pretty darn awesome out there.  We also get rain in the winter.  And some cold.  But not a whole lot of that.  Especially with our storms being so warm.  Anyway, lovely day out there and expect more of the same through Monday.  Gonna be a bomber weekend folks.

Went to see the ducks again today.  Nearly Lagoon, Santa Cruz.

Warm, wind protected spots in Santa Cruz will be up around 70F at their peak this afternoon, as well as on Saturday and Sunday.  Monday looks warm as well.  We could possibly see some cooler air move in tonight with a passing very weak short wave to our north.  Maybe only 65F on Saturday, but bouncing back quickly.  Cooler right along the water and in the shade.  Hey, it is still winter.  But it will be a very pleasant weekend.  At least 50F in Tahoe and in the 40s at the resorts.  Reports coming in of sun softening snow, so mind your aspect.  Tuesday will be a little cooler, and by Wednesday, we see a few attempts of storms impacting our region.  Models are less than conclusive at this point, with significant variations in each run.  Still, we are seeing the chance of rain developing between Wednesday and Friday of next week.  You might want to make sure you clean up the backyard Sunday evening.  Someone's backyard should get dirty this weekend, because it sure looks like BBQ weather to me.

Hope some of ya had fun in the surf.  I was home nursing the flu, and I'm staying out of the water for a few more days.  Heard the kiteboarding was epic up the coast this past weekend.  Winds looking lighter over this weekend, but variable onshore in direction.  They might swing offshore on Monday.  Surf declining, but a new large swell to arrive for Saturday.  Been a great run.  Like January often is.  That is the thing about our dry spell.  It brings great weather, and we can often have a nice run of surf.  The January Thaw.  Moving into February now.  Expect things to change.  While clear weather is common in winter, I kind of think of February the wrong month for it.  More likely things will be tumultuous in a February.

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