Thursday, January 24, 2013

Showers linger. Mild, mellow and moist out.

Yesterday's system broke to pieces as it approached the coast.  Much stayed to the north, and a good portion went south, sparing the Sierra much precipitation.  Unfortunate for us, a piece has broken off and gotten settled in our basin.  This mornings sparse and sporadic showers have become steady and pervasive.  Still, they are only showers along the coastal bluff and not rain.  But it has been enough to wet the ground in most open places.  Expect this to continue for at least the next few hours and perhaps into the commute tonight.  In fact, as energy continues to spin ashore to our north, bit of moisture could be pulled into us as it is today.  This is to continue through the weekend.  Good news is it is still pretty warm out there.  The same mechanism that is allowing for the showers is keeping the air mild.  Funny thing is, as the system shifts, and we dry up, we will also see some cold air ushered in.

Went by these guys today and they did not mind the drizzle.  Neary Lagoon, Santa Cruz.

Mid 60s at the coast and snow levels up above Lake Tahoe through Friday.  It will be a little cooler on Saturday, but expect to be down to the low 50s by Monday.  We could see the last band of snow showers on Sunday have some lower freezing levels, down to perhaps 4500 feet.  Nothing too cold though.  As the sun breaks back out in ernest next week, we will see a little warming, back up to about 60F.  With a touch of luck.  Looks clear through the work week, when we have a solid high pressure setting up.  By the first weekend of February, we see the storm track trying to set up, but nothing is certain at this point.  I'd put the odds on decent weather until at least the 5th.

For now, the surf is going off, with solid swell all week and through this weekend.  Right now the winds are light off shore.  Stronger on shores are expected for the weekend, but town will be clean.  Regardless, the swell is pumping, and another one shows on Sunday.  Go out and get some.  The next few days are freshening up the back country, and the surface condition inbounds will soften a touch.  By Sunday we could accumulate a half a foot or so, with another few inches by Monday.  If one of these cells sets up in the right corner, certain zones could get over a foot.  And I am sure the biking has gotten wet, but even in the drizzle, it was a great morning for a stroll.

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