Monday, January 28, 2013

Warming Trend

OF course, I've been bitten by the flu bug as were move through some very nice weather.  This week we see a decent warming trend with high 60s and possibly 70 by Friday.  I'll keep today brief, as I am about to return for some rest.  Strong NW winds today will keep things feeling cool with a high just about at 60.  That wind is a result of high pressure developing over the region.  Tuesday will be a bit warmer, but by Wednesday it will be quite nice out there.  And this is when life in Santa Cruz is at its best.  Sure, I hear all the time from folks living in Sunnyvale about how cold it is in our neck of the woods.  While summers may be mild on the coast, during there mid winter warm ups, we tend to post the highest temperatures.  And that is expected this week.  Winds will mellow by mid week, and it will get quite nice out there.

More monarchs.  Word is there are 10K at Lighthouse Field and only 500 at Natural Bridges.  Go figure.

Current models call for a storm to approach the coast for the weekend.  This first one is expected to split due to the high pressure bubble and go towards British Columbia and Baja, Mexico.  The second is expected to come across our region, and could pull in moisture from the Baja storm.  Monday and Tuesday of next week could see some wet weather.  More on these later.  Now back to sipping soup.

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