Friday, January 18, 2013


Simply great weather is now on tap, and coming forth through the short term.  While 70F may be a little less likely to come by out there, it certainly is quite warm and very pleasant.  Very little, to light easterly wind, coming out of the valleys.  Sunshine is abundant.  And a decent sized swell is on the way.  The Maverick's contest is scheduled for this coming Sunday, as a moderate, long period swell is expected.  What makes them call for a contest with only a moderate sized swell?  I figure it is the combination of prime surfing conditions, with a calm ocean and light breeze, matched with the very long period aspect of this swell.  It will arrive tonight with a period in excess of 30 seconds.  Yup, that is right.  One wave every thirty seconds.  During the sets.  Which will be rare.  By sunrise, the period will be dropping through the mid 20s and the height will be about 5 to 7 feet.  Those will be jumping up to 15' plus waves in the right spots.  But due to the very long period nature of the swell, waves will be drawn to distinct focal points, and may spots will appear flat.  By Sunday, our usual long period spots will begin picking up the swell as it peaks in the 6-9'@20-22s range.  And the contest will be on.  Some spots by Capitola, West Cliff and up the coast will be really working this thing.  Have fun watching, or surfing.  Be careful out there.  These beast will really move a lot of water around.  Expect giant barrels for the contest.

The great thing about having a 20 month old, is that when you are out in the middle of the wilderness, and you hear a plane, you suddenly look up.  Sisters Saddle,  near Carson Pass, California.

Find a sunny, breeze protected spot and you will find 70F.  Martin Luther King day will peak this thing out, but we don't really see much of a noticeable cool off until Wednesday, as a system moves into the BC/PNW.  We don't see much of a chance of precipitation from this one, and just a limited amount of cooling.  Say the week ends in the low 60s.  By next weekend (25/26th) there is a chance of a little under cutting moisture moving in.  If this were to happen, it would start off warm, and cool off.  But nothing like the weather that started out the month.  And we don't see any real long term trends developing that would suggest the start to another rainy period.  Yet.  In fact, there is suggestion of another period of warmth.  Now, wouldn't that be nice.  It is nice out there right now.

Bottom line - go outside!  Do it as much as you can over the next five days.  If you get the holiday off from work, get stoked.  Skiing is still pretty decent, although we have had a few days of warmth.  Surf is going to go off.  Wait till Monday if you are not an expect.  Wait till Tuesday if you are a beginner.  Or even Wednesday.  And I have heard that Wilder is riding well.  I don't doubt it.  But, heck, it may be a little hot for a ride.  Just get outside.

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