Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Thaw.

I said it was here, but with literally freezing temperatures over night down to almost sea level, how could one really get away with calling this thing a thaw.  I guess there are no laws governing this sort of thing.  But the warm up is just around the corner.  It was a nippy 37F this morning at 8:30AM.  Wednesday morning looks like it will be a bit warmer.  And today will move into the low 50s, so that is a whole lot milder than the past weekend where we saw record lows in many locations.

Plentiful butterfly population.  No wonder it was my son's first three syllable word.

The long and the short of it is that we have improving weather on tap.  The blocking high will shift to our north, pulling warm air up underneath it.  Slowly, but surely, things will warm up.  No rain on the horizon.  60 on Wednesday, 65 for Thursday and 70 for the weekend.  Now that is thaw weather.  We may even see the snow in the mountains transition to spring like, so if you are going up, hit it Saturday before things get too crusty.  Expect 50 at lake level, and the 40s on the hill.  Sunshine is abundant.  Possible storms returning by months end.

Huge surf is coming to town for the holiday weekend.  Know before you go, and play smart.  This one will have a long wait in between sets.  Not a whole lot of waves per set, but they will be plus size.  Stay clear of cliff edges and stay high.  Don't be a statistic.  If you are into it, go watch Mavs.  It should be breaking, and right no conditions look prime.

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