Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Winter: "I think I can, I think I can."

Some one was saying a while back that once winter left the east and was replaced by spring, then winter would finally settle in here on the west coast.  Well, storms are still running up the Appalachians, so I guess we will need to wait a little longer.  The attempts at rain this week are looking pretty weak as of this morning.  The storms that were going to come near us are either falling apart or veering north.  The best chance for showers this work week is still going to be during the day on Thursday, but I would not count on it.  In other words, don't turn off your sprinklers yet.  It seems like since December, nearly every storm that has been forecast in the models either comes in weaker with each run, or just drops off the charts.  It is like winter decided to take the winter off.  Guess we will need to get serious about some spring showers.

Waste water treatment near Neary Lagoon.  Looking pretty in the sunshine.  Odor is a different story.

So, this week will have some clouds in the sky, especially along mountain tops.  Get enough elevation and you could pull out a sprinkle or two.  Get up above 7k, and those showers will be snow.  Not enough to do much more than make the trees look pretty.  Then things look like they will clear out and warm up on Friday, as a slightly more significant systems winds up off our coast.  We could be in the low 70s here Friday, and not too shabby the rest of the week.  In fact, these disturbances are not allowing the marine layer to move in, and end up giving us much warmer and nicer weather.  It was toasty today in Depot Park around noon.  Like T-shirt warm.  So, that storm.  Saturday we should begin with some sun, but clouds and showers should fill in through the evening.  Easter Sunday is looking wet, as this slow moving system sits over the region.  In fact, right now Monday also looks wet.  Maybe 3/4 of an inch of rain during the period and a foot of snow at the resorts.

Now, as I said up above, the long range models have been pretty poor at forecasting storms this winter. That said, a few different programs are starting to show more significant activity starting around April 4th.  So, as it looks right now, Tuesday through the end of the week looks to move from fair to wet.  By the weekend, we are seeing a sizable storm rolling over us.  Can't count on that water yet, but I just wanted to have it on your radar.

To recap, fair and mild this week, with chances for showers, greatest on Thursday.  Friday could be bomber.  Weekend starts fair ahead of a system that could keep us wet through Monday.  Then a short break a bigger, wetter system.  Stay tuned.  Things are starting to get interesting.

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