Sunday, September 22, 2013

Candians:1, Americans: 0

I went with the GPS model.  They kept us pretty dry, even with the latest run last night, showing up to a tenth of an inch.  I've for sure got way more than that in our yard with the afternoon down pour.  The Japanese kept the bulk of the moisture well to our north as well, but was still a bit more bullish than the GPS.  Only the Canadian had been consistent with us getting a solid amount of water.  Go Canucks.  I'll for sure need to keep an eye on their models for Tuesday's system.

Fog bank near Capitola.  While it should be sunny, we could still see a little lingering on the water this week.

With the rain, comes the wind.  South winds really surged mid day on Saturday.  It is wintery for sure.  Go figure.  October is still looking to shape up nicely with high pressure building after Tuesday, and even maybe surging inland.  That is exactly what we look for to bring us warm, clear and calm days with crisp and clear mornings.  You know, fall like weather.

Let's look at what the next few days have in store for us.  Today, Sunday is quite a bit warmer already.  And sunny, after some morning cloud and fog mix along the water.  Monday is still looking like a real winner, with light winds through the morning and hitting perhaps 80F here in town.  Tuesday is more sunshine, and still getting up into the mid 70s.  A short wave moves through, bringing rain to our north and cooling on Wednesday.  But it will still be in the 70s.  Warming through late in the week.  And we could be up for a stellar fall weekend coming up.  High pressure is looking to settle on us, which could me light winds and some nice heat.

If things change before Tuesday and Wednesday, and it looks like we might get some rain, I will be sure to update.  I'l keep an eye and the prospective awesome coming weekend as well.  In the meantime, be sure to know that Tahoe saw its first snow, with several inches on the peaks, and the coastline saw its first dose of north west swell to boot.  More waves on the way for the coming week, and an active storm pattern persists, with the bulk of the rain hitting Portland and points north.  Autumn has begun.  Now please send in the spectacular weather.

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