Saturday, September 28, 2013

I see the Marine Layer Developing. Rain Just to our North.

What an interesting September it has been.  Our first rain fall.  The start of the north west swell season.  A few hot ones.  And it is finishing our just as fun.  A look at the infrared satellite and it is easy to see the marine layer developing not too far offshore, and it is along the coast north of Cape Mendocino.  Oddly enough, that is also basically where the bulk of the storm will hit.  And points north.  South of there, there will be some rain, but not nearly as much.  More on that below.  As for Sunday, that marine layer should come close to shore, if not onshore, over night.  Expect at least a partially grey morning on the coast.  If you live up one of the many local hills, you might be above it.  That can often look pretty cool at sunrise.  Expect an early burn off pretty much every where, as light north winds keep things relatively clear.  Those winds will shift more westerly, and increase to a moderate speed in the afternoon.  It is going to be a bit cooler than today, which is baking quite pleasantly right now.  High of 70.  Monday will be similar, although NOAA is calling for a slight chance of rain.  I think they are being cautious, because of last week's rain.  I thought about being cautious, but I'm not going to bother.  Not likely to rain, if it does it will be just real light stuff.  If I see a change in that tomorrow, I will post up.

Finally.  A local, and recent picture.  Just north of town, in a wind protected cove.  Been some really nice beach days.

Still looking at 80F by Friday.  The warm up starts on Wednesday.  Quite possibly October it lining up to look typical.  Which would mean warm sunny days, chilly clear nights and very little wind.  We can only hope for such boring weather.

7:25 PM:  That fog bank looks like it has dissipated as the low pressure system sank further south this evening.  So now I am thinking we might be spared that grey, although, when I peaked at the NWS forecast just now, they are calling for a foggy morning.  We will see, but don't be upset if the morning has plenty of sunshine.

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