Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Classic Fall Weather on Tap, with something even better for the Weekend.

Been planning on having a fun weekend?  This is the one.  Warm, dry and sunny and in the 80s across the region.  Just don't go an try to visit any National Parks, cause that stuff has been shuttered up.  Nice work guys.  Anyway, about the weather.  Today, Wednesday started off pretty cool with a bit of marine layer hanging out just along the water's edge.  Made for a chilly one, so we hopped over to San Jose where it was a good fifteen degrees warmer.  Moderate winds over the water today still allow for some warmth to develop.  Downtown, the Farmer's Market should be feeling pretty nice.  Mid 70s.  As we go through the next few days, things look quite similar.  Pretty much some good weather on tap, with fog limited just to the beaches.  And not all of them.  Afternoon winds continue on thursday, but look to lighten up for Friday.  Let's call it almost 80F for the last day of the work week.

Hanging in the splash zone north of town.  Near Santa Cruz, on a beautiful autumn day.

All in all, things are starting to feel a little more on track, with typical October weather in both the near and long term.  This last storm finally completed its run ashore well north of our region.  Not a speck of rain.  Sunshine pretty much all the way.  And that is how the coming weekend looks, with a potential offshore event and significant coastal warming.  Saturday will break brisk, in the lower 50s.  The sun will slowly warm things up.  Do remember it is October.  As a breeze begins to push out of the valley, warm air will caress the beaches.  You find the right south facing location and it will be plenty toasty to get your tan on.  Not hot mind you, just nice an warm and pleasant out.  Sunday looks almost as nice, and as we move into next week, the wind shifts to a more northerly direction and we find ourselves back in the low to mid 70s.

Fine, fine weather.  And the long term models suggest that we will continue with mild, sunny weather through the month.  Don't forget that long term models are not very good at specifics.  But they do a decent job of suggesting trends.  So we are likely in for a fine month.

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