Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Splitting the difference.

It was pretty nice out there today.  The car thermo recorded 82F, parked in the sun, at Harvey West Park, around 12:15 today.  It did not feel quite that warm, but it was close.  And it felt that warm on my deck around 2PM.  But only briefly.  Remember that high temperatures this time of year really are only during the warmest hour or two during the day.  The time of heat by 10AM are done for the next six months or so.  Regardless, my son and I are planning a beach day for tomorrow.  Should be pretty nice out there.  A clear sky tonight will lead toward a crisp morning.  Expect temps in the mid to upper 40s at day break.  And expect sunshine.  Another wonderful day on tap with a high of around 80F tucked in a sunny nook near the base of the local hills.  And maybe 75F down on the beaches.  And little to no winds.  Should be a winner.

Surfing near the tide pools, Natural Bridges State Park, Santa Cruz

On Monday I mentioned that NOAA was calling for a drop in temperatures after Wednesday.  I was just not seeing it in the models.  So that backed down a little bit.  And I can sort of see what they are thinking.  A few, very weak and dry short waves are going to pass over our area, and will presumably pull in colder air behind them.  I still think it is going to stay nice, but do expect Wednesday to be the warmest day of the week.  Thursday and Friday should stay in the mid 70s, with Saturday in the low 70s.  Depending on how these short waves come through, we could be back down in the upper 60s for a few days, before warming back into the 70s.  The the big news is the combination of no rain, no fog and very light winds.  If we cool off late int he weekend, it will likely be accompanied by a moderate north west afternoon sea breeze.  Nothing too strong though, so all in all, some very pleasant weather sticking around.  A nice fall week.  Well, sort of.

If you are a surfer, this is the weather you love.  Those light winds I was writing about give us glass through most of the day.  Unfortunately, the swell looks more like mid summer than early fall.  It is basically flat out there.  We have not seen this small of a swell since late August.  Oh well.  Good news is that we should at least see some small north west building tomorrow and then backing off through the work week.  Saturday you might just want to get the bike out and go for a ride, or pick apples or hit up the pumpkin patch.  I'm sure you can figure something awesome to do here on a beautiful October day.  Sunday looks slightly better, but word is that we could be back into some plus sized surf by next Tuesday.  And if it is snow you are looking for, the long term models has us pretty wet just before Halloween.  Just don't hold your breath on that one.  But check back her to see how that pans out.  As modeled right now, you don't want to be caught with your pants down with this one.  

Oh yeah, so about that repeat picture.  It was a long weekend.

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