Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gonna feel chilly out there soon, but at least you aren't in L.A.

That is right folks.  We are looking to have a better week than SoCal.  You may not be so impressed though, as it will be quite a bit cooler Monday and through mid week than the past three days.  In case you spent them in a cubicle, it has been off the hook since Friday.  Pretty much no wind through the entire day and easily into the mid 80s.  My car thermo had a reading of 88F, then I pulled out of the driveway at 4PM on Friday.  As I drove over the hill, it dropped a good ten degrees.  It was warmer at home than in Saratoga.  Seriously.  Okay, maybe it was because it was late in the day, and it was the usual evening cooling, but who cares really.  This weekend is about as good as it gets around here.  We spent a few very pleasant days at the beach, and even at the waters edge it was nice to get some sun and sit around in the board shorts.  But things, they are a changing.

Anyone know if Dr. Suess is from around here?  The Hook, Santa Cruz.

Cooler on Monday, as a cold front begins to make its way down the coast.  The morning will start out like the past few, and it will be fairly warm in the mid to late morning.  But heating will be halted as northerly winds pick up mid day and usher in some cooler air.  Lets call it 70F+.  But not too much plus.  Still, not a bad day as we continue to enjoy sunshine and a lack of fog.  As it stands right now, I don't see a marine layer building in, but we are shifting into a somewhat summer like pattern, with high pressure building.  Only some what though.  We actually have a weak low pressure system moving south down the coast as it falls apart.  The PNW will see some rain on Monday, and then the thing kind of just splinters.  Cool air falls south, and the low pressure system in the South West begins to draw in moisture from the dying storm and off the Pacific.  What does that mean for us?  Cooler yet on Tuesday as temps peak in the mid 60s.  Geez.

As that system in the SW pulls moisture in, the L.A. area is likely to see rain on Wednesday and through the end of the week.  We might get a few sprinkles on humpday, but I don't think it is very likely.  We are kind of missed by this thing as it jumps from the PNW to the SW.  Lucky us.  But we could see some cloud cover.  Wednesday will feel cool.  With some luck, the winds will go slack. As a note, this could be a good surf day, as a north gradient will have generated some mid period wind swell by then.  Anyway, as very slow warm up begins after that and through the end of the work week.  But it might be a little time before we head back up through the 70s and into the 80s.  Check back here for more updates.

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