Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rain Stays North. Epic Thursday and then Cooler Early Winter Weather to Follow.

I've been saying for a while that we are a month a head of schedule.  I still believe it.  I was a walking down to the beach with my son yesterday morning in clear, crisp weather as they guy near us stated that usually this time of year we have sun and no wind.  Hopeful.  That actually is more of an October pattern, which is the month of lightest winds along the Santa Cruz county coast.  We are still is summer for a few more days folks.  Often we are still seeing heavy fog through the early afternoon.  In that respect, the weather has been down right epic.  And looking at the big picture, we continue to see storms moving through the Gulf of Alaska.  As I type, the strongest one yet this season is wrapping up and getting pretty deep.  This one should drop to 978mb, or less.  And then it will start heading our way.  No worries though.  We are Santa Cruz, and this thing should stay to our north.  Let's see how the weather is going to break down.

Local, Santa Cruz marigolds.  

Today, Thursday is gonna go off the hook.  Sorry, no waves, but it will be in the 80s here in town.  I've been working in a sunny spot in the yard, and it was hot there yesterday.  I bet I get a reading over 85F there today.  With mostly lighter winds in town, every where should heat up.  Out on the water west of town winds will build to 15 knots or so, but I don't expect that will find its way much past Natural Bridges.  That storm I spoke of will begin to move south as it builds in strength.  Tomorrow will be a good bit cooler as colder air moves into the region.  Low to mid 70s on Friday, but still plenty of sunshine and no fog here.  Clouds could begin to thicken in the evening.  To our north, light rain is expected overnight.  Rain is likely in Sonoma, and Del Norte should get well over an inch of Rain.  Seattle is looking at something like 4 inches over the next few days.  With a little luck, we will get some light showers before Saturday morning, but it is not likely.  But it will start our crisp.  And not warm up all that much.  Highs will likely stay in the upper 60s.  Like I said.  Early winter weather on the first day of autumn.

Things rebound after that.  And Saturday will not be crappy.  Clouds will clear out early and the day will be nice.  Winds will be very light.  Both in town and out on the open ocean.  And a new swell will be in the water offering up head high surf in town and bigger on the open coast.  It should be one of the best surf days since July or June even.  Sunday warms back in to the 70s.  Monday might hit 80F.  Cooling for Tuesday as we again see a winter storm directly impacting the PNW and another new NW swell hitting our coast.  After that we return to a more seasonal late summer/ early fall like pattern, with high pressure and maybe a chance of morning fog.  I'll post back up here as the forecast pans out.

Long and short is today, Thursday is freaking awesome.  Get out and get sum.  Cooler Friday, but still nice.  Cooler Saturday, and even a slight chance of early morning showers.  Sunday looks like Friday and Monday looks like Thursday.  Not a totally epic weekend, but pretty damn nice.  And if you surf, it will be very damn nice with a nice mid to long period overhead swell.

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