Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Drop dead gorgeous and absolutely wrong.

Around 2PM yesterday I was driving up the coast road coaxing a three year old into a much desired nap.  I was shocked at what I saw.  Sunshine on glassy water all the way up to the county line.  Absolutely wonderful day out.  And I was completely off on the call.  After seeing that, I feel more comfortable calling for afternoon sun this week, even though we are sticking in a south flow pattern.  Lucky us.  And to boot, the ocean was toasty warm.  Almost too warm, if that could ever happen.  Had me wishing I was only in a 3/2 while enjoying chest high goodness at sunset.

East coast golf courses have it easier at keeping the greens green.

And the moon rise, the super moon rise, was the cap to a wonderful day.  Well, we can hope for more of those sun breaks in the afternoon.  I sure know the garden prefers the warmth.  We may see the winds shift more westerly through the middle of the week, before shifting back south toward the weekend.  All in all, not really much change to the forecast, although I am a bit more optimistic about afternoon sunshine.  Maybe some clearing and a bit more warmth for the weekend.

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