Saturday, August 16, 2014

How long has this been going on?

The sickness contracted by some of my tomato plants suggest that this foggy, cool, calm summertime weather is nothing new.  Pretty much all the same for the coming week.  We will see a westerly gradient develop early in the week, but nothing exceptional.  It may mean we see a few days clear out a bit earlier in the day, but don't expect to watch the sun rise any time soon.  Overnight lows are hanging out at just about 60F, thanks to the fog blanket.  Daytime highs re trying to reach into the mid 70s, but are hindered by the lack of sun shine much before the noon hour.  Now don't get me wrong.  I kind of like the fog.  Especially how it can keep the water nice and glassy.  But before this gloom, I had tomatoes and cucumbers going off in my yard.  Now I am happy with a few green beans and winter squash.  My garden sure could use some sunshine.

Small day of paddling at Shark's Cove.  

Lots of maybe interesting things happening all around us.  Small, weak low pressure systems have been developing in the Gulf of Alaska.  This is likely an anomaly, but more indicative of early autumn than lake summer.  We could also have some tropical moisture moving into the state, from the south, late next week and into the weekend.  Today's model suggest a solid plug of moisture and energy.  If this were to come to pass, then we could see some thunder storms develop on our south facing slopes.  How cool would that be?  And the water a god send.  Anyway, I'll be keeping an eye on these things, as they could become interesting.

So, yeah, the bike trails are a bit dry and loose and rutted these days.  Blame it on the drought.  On the other hand, the surf has been quite fun.  Small south and west and north swells are comboing up into surf from waist to head high (even a touch bigger) at the local breaks.  It did not hurt that most days we saw light winds and glassy conditions.  It should be pretty fun out there right now.  Go get some.  The week ahead will see dropping conditions, but surf should remain fun through at least the first half of the week, with chances of more small Gulf of Alaska swell, and maybe even some SSE hurricane swell.  Another thing to monitor.

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