Sunday, August 10, 2014

Grey Days.

We're back in lovely Santa Cruz.  Still trying to get used to the coolness around here.  My son keeps on telling me how chilly he is.  A trip through New England was near perfect, with morning warmth, afternoon thunder showers, not too hot or too humid, nor to cool or too wet.  Just wonderful.  Love it back here too, but my tomatoes are not loving it.  And does not look like things will improve for the night shades, as the last of the NW gradient falls apart over Cape Mendocino, and south flows fills in starting this afternoon.  Yup, some good old fashion grey, with some breaks of sunshine late in the day.  This pattern begins to peak around Tuesday, when we might not see sunshine even through the middle of the day in the best parts in town.  Things will modify.

Sunrises over the Webhannet River estuary did not disappoint.  

We are in the second half of summer.  Sometimes, like else where, the autumn arrives with Labor Day instead of waiting until the 21st.  For us, summer can be grey.  But just a short drive up the hill, most days are sunny and hot.  So no need to complain.  But I do look forward to those fall days with sunny daybreaks and calm afternoons.  And those north west swells that start to fill in.  We actually have a few micro NPAC swells set for this coming week.  They won't be easy to spot, but the trained eye should be able to pick off a few at the right spots.  South swell also trickles in keep things in the small and fun range.  I hear the mountain bike trails are mostly dry.  Makes sense.  Although the weather is great for a ride.

Upper 50s overnight and low 70s in the afternoons.  Grey.  Light southerly flow through at least Wednesday.  There is suggestion that it could develop full eddy status as a northwest gradient tries to develop off Point Mendocino on Thursday.  Looks like we could return to a more slack south flow by the weekend.  In other words, no real big change in the weather for the coming week.  Maybe some sunny break, like this afternoon.  Watch for the funk on the tomatoes.  Hope for more sun to set the cukes.  Winter squash seem to be loving it.  More later this week.  Stoked to be home.

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