Wednesday, August 20, 2014

South flow, tropical swell and some chance of afternoon sunshine.

The forecast looks great if you like to surf.  As long as things continue to track as forecast, we will have mid period south swell from TS Lowell begin to fill in along our coastline.  Fingers crossed, as these swells can be very consistent, and very fun.  Expecting it to be about chest to head high plus as things hit their first peak Saturday.  That size to hold, as a New Zealand small plus long period SW swell fills in on Sunday.  A second south Pacific swell is hot on its trail arriving Monday and the tropics could even play ball and send us another mid period pulse on Tuesday.  All these overlapping swells could spell fun times.  Especially given that the winds don't really look like they are going to pick up much.

High tide at the Ogunquit River mouth.  

Some developing NW flow on Thursday, and more so on Saturday, could break the clouds earlier in the day and create a slight warming trend.  Maybe heating up to a balmy 76F.  Right now it looks like a lighter wind flow returns for the weekend, with a chance of the light southerly flow that we had over the past few days returning.  So, less sunshine, and cooler daytime highs.  More like 72F.  Tough garden weather.  Watch for developing molds and fungus.  This is blight weather.  If you begin to see your summer plants failing to disease, then it might be time to pull plants and get a start on your winter crop.  No point growing a blighted tomato late into November.  The fruit will still be mush.  Hope we see a turn in this fog soon, or I fear my cukes are done, and my tomatoes and squash might soon follow.  At least my pumpkins nice and orange.  Soon it will be time to make some pie.

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