Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tropical Summer.

Honestly, it is pretty damn nice here in Santa Cruz.  Yeah, the mornings are grey, but the afternoons have been brilliant, with bright summer sun, and light south west on shore flow.  And the tropical swell from Lowell in the water is plenty fun.  It is an odd ball of a south for us, so use your best guess as to where might be making it work.  More long period southwest is filling in today, and maybe another pulse of tropical for early in the week.  And the mid and long term look promising.  What is of most interest is the local weather, and we might be in for some tropical summer.  Are ya ready?

Coastal wild flowers along Ogunquit's rocky coastline.

Hurricane Marie looks impressive and her track looks even more impressive.  If all goes as forecast, the middle to end of next week looks very promising for swell.  I'd expect consistent, mid period, overhead south-southwest showing late in the week.  But whatever.  The weather.  Expect more of the same the next few days.  But, if Marie's forecasted track correct, she will begin to pull in, and tighten, as she moves into our weather window.  Basically, pumping up our high pressure.  As this happens, we could see less fog, warmer daytime highs, and lighter, to offshore, flow.  Could be some nice weather, and with a little luck we could be up to the low 80s by Thursday.  With tropical swell in the water to boot.  Go have some fun.  The pleasant weather could last through the holiday weekend, before we see a more typical summer time gradient develop over the Mendocino coastline.  Time will tell.  In the meantime expect improving weather as Marie moves further north and west.

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